Skraptacular strives to increase environmental awareness by working with children and communities to transform trash into art and crafts all while teaching the concepts of sustainability, waste reduction, and smart consumerism. Skraptacular blends community, conservation, collaboration and creativity. While we started very locally in Northern Manhattan, we seek to reach all parts of New York City.

A Skraptacular Springing Affair

Please join Skraptacular as we honor former city councilman Robert Jackson, for proudly representing Inwood, Washington Heights and West Harlem for 12 years; for chairing the Education Committee, on which he began the successful Campaign for Fiscal Equity; and for making the decisive vote in to ban single-use Styrofoam from the city’s school cafeterias and restaurants. And we honor Sarah Morgridge, Jackson’s Chief of Staff, who fought passionately alongside him to serve constituents, support public school families in realizing their right to educational opportunity.

Spring MELT Detox Week to benefit Skraptacular

Join Edya Kalev, Advanced MELT Instructor for 6 days of MELTing your hands and feet by phone, to benefit Skraptacular. What a great way to detoxify and support your immune system for spring and support us as well! Minimum suggested donation is only $10. For more information, go to Edya's website at