Skraptacular strives to increase environmental awareness by working with children and communities to transform trash into art and crafts all while teaching the concepts of sustainability, waste reduction, and smart consumerism. Skraptacular blends community, conservation, collaboration and creativity. While we started very locally in Northern Manhattan, we seek to reach all parts of New York City.


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Monday, March 23, 2015

Skaptacular Partners with Roving Micro Museum

Skraptacular finds a home with the Peripatetic Micro Museum of Contemporary Art-known as P Micro MoCa

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Climate March

“350” the organization is organizing a climate march that YOU can attend.

see what @skraptcular is doing with @loomstate scrap fabric?
Getting in the spirit for Climate March at Youth Convergence pic.twitter.com/oFND5KYttj
At Youth Convergence Conference at MLK High School-- listening to amazing youth enviro activists
RT @TheFashionClass: Have you ever woven with plastic grocery bags? #ecofashion workshop in #fashioncamp with @skraptacular… http://t.co/JX…