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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Climate March

Hello readers! I hope you are all enjoying you summer as much as I am. We have had some good weather for the most part so I am hoping everyone was able to sneak in a few beach days.
First of all, I am happy to announce that there is a special opportunity for Skraptacular followers. YOU can have your message displayed on the Skraptacular jumbotron 18 times for one day for only $350. The message can be displayed any day from now until October first. to sign up, email Michelle at info@skarptacular.org. Anyone who contacts before August first will get a 10% discount. This is great for birthdays, mitzvahs, anniversaries and even wedding proposals.
I would also like to inform you that there will be a climate change march on September 20th and 21st. Remember to save the date. The march is being held by the "350.org". They are an organization working to educate people about climate change through marches, projects and climate campaigns. Learn more at www.350.org.

For this weeks craft, I will be giving you something to finally do with all those old cereal boxes you have.

Use scissors to cut along one edge of the cereal box until the cereal box is flat. 
Now, there should be two slivers of cardboard and two big rectangles. Cut off one of the big rectangles. 
Next, re fold the box so that it looks like a cereal box with one face missing. 
Duct tape the box to make it stronger. 
Decorate the box using some of the supplies you have saved in your "Summer Skrap Savings Jar" and anything else you chose. 
Now you have a decorated shallow box that you can use to put papers, mail, markers or really any thing that fits. 

Have a great week! 

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