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Monday, March 23, 2015

Skaptacular Partners with Roving Micro Museum

Skrap Joins Roving Micro Musuem


Per*i*pa*tet*ic - Traveling from place to place, especially working, or being based in various places for relatively short periods. 


This May the Peripatetic Micro Museum of Contemporary Art-known as P Micro MoCa will join forces with Skraptacular to make its debut. Founded by Ashli Sisk, the P Micro MoCa will host contemporary artists and curators as a roving museum and serve as a home-away-from-home for Skraptacular. In 2015 P Micro MoCa will be collaborating with curators Sarah Schmerler, Alicia DeBrincat and Kelena Patton. Try to imagine an origami type tent that nicely folds out to fit into a parking space with all the components of a contemporary art museum. Skrap stars are already busy at work to go into the gallery dedicated to Skraptacular. We are gratefull to the Lush Charity Pot Foundation for funding this project.

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