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Spectacular Skraptacular Successes


  • Since our founding in 2007 and becoming a nonprofit in 2010 by enlisting the Fund for the City of NY as our fiscal sponsor, Skraptacular has spread its unique blend of community, conservation and creativity from the tip of Manhattan throughout the city and beyond. Skraptacular has…


  • Led 800 schoolchildren in Northern Manhattan to Fort Tryon Park for a jubilant Eco-Fest in the fall of  2010, 2012 and 2013. This district-wide event to promote a cleaner, greener Manhattan featured DIY activities, music, a parade, and participation by other environmental city organizations.


  • Hosted an annual Eco-Holiday Gift Making Workshop for the past eight years in which dozens of children and adults come together to fashion ornaments from champagne corks, tote bags from fabric scraps, pins from bottle caps and mobiles from old tools.


  • Held afterschool eco-art workshops for grade school children--programs like “Hearts and Crafts,” “Roar like a Lion Mask-Making,” and “Trashion Fashion”


  • Educated hundreds of school children through programs at schools and museums including The Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, Muscota New School and The New York Hall of Science.


  • Spearheaded the movement for a more sustainable New York Makers Faire by making recycling  and composting available to the 40,000 attendees at this event, through a partnership with GrowNYC. For four years running Skraptacular has had a booth in this two-day showcase of resourceful and creative people in the areas of science and technology, engineering, food, and arts and crafts. We were recipients of four Editor’s Choice Blue Ribbon Awards as well as an Educator’s Choice Red Ribbon Award .


  • Participated in community events like Hudson Heights Clean-Up Day and Urban Wild Life Appreciation Day, Astoria Park Shorefest and Larchmont Arts Festival, which foster a sense of appreciation for the natural environment while harnessing community members’ innate creativity and desire to use their hands to make things.


  • Crafted impressive community-made public art pieces, such as the Transformative Love Mobile, which hung in Newtown, CT’s “Newtown Heals Valentine’s Day Art Show,” This sculpture now hangs in the Newtown Cultural Arts Center or our “Skraptapestry of No Away,” which hung at the entrance to the 190th St. subway station for Earth month in April of 2013 . The piece was a tapestry woven of plastic bags to illustrate the point that there is really no “Away” in which to throw our trash. 


  • Brought the message of eco-awareness as well as empowerment to underserved communities, through partnerships with Beacon Women’s Correctional Facility, The Chinese American Planning Council and the United Palace Afterschool Enrichment Program through mentoring and workshops teaching how to make art projects from refuse.


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