Skraptacular can customize classes, workshops, assemblies and entire programs to align with curriculum requirements, afterschool program needs, museum exhibits, and nonprofit mission statements. We not only bring salvaged and collected materials and supplies to your site, but we also bring the enthusiasm of our young interns!

To schedule a class, workshop, assembly or discuss how a Skraptacular program can further your organization’s goals please contact Michelle Del Guercio



“Michelle brings her amazing interns to assist our young visitors with patience and enthusiasm. Michelle is contributing to our attempt to impact our visitors' thinking regarding consumption and their role in the cycle of our trash. The rigor of Michelle's work and her commitment to recycling and upcycling and the necessary education to bring people along on her mission is inspiring.” – Liz Slagus, Director of Public Programs, New York Hall of Science

"We've been delighted to offer some great workshops with Skraptacular, which highlight issues of sustainability and encourage our littlest designers to start thinking about environmental awareness through creative play."

--Caroline Payson, Director of Education, Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt Design Museum



Trashion Fashion

Our most popular, established class, Trashion Fashion is an eight week 1-1/2 hour class that allows children ages 11-14 to design garments, jewelry, hair pieces and purses out of unconventional materials such as fused plastic, shredded candy wrappers, fabric scraps and Tyvek envelopes. They work with guest designers in the garment industry, and the class culminates with a runway show.

Trains, Planes and (sustainable) Automobiles

This  hour-long class one day a week can be a four week or eight week session. This interdisciplinary sustainable education program will concentrate on kinetic energy and  building moving vehicles that roll and propell. This class will stimulate innovation, creative ideas and actualizing ones vision. (program for k-5)

Mask Making Studio Workshop

In this 2-1/2 hour class in our Washington Heights Studio, grade school children transform egg cartons, cardboard boxes, toilet tissue tubes and more found objects and refuse into ferocious lions, sweet pandas, rabid raccoons, wicked witches to wear as masks or hang up.