In Your School

For GRADES K-6, The Skraptacular workshops expand awareness of environmental issues using a fresh and innovative approach that gives the students the platform from which to create powerful change in their lives and in their world. Our hands-on programs develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. All Skraptacular workshops align with the Common Core State Standards. Schools using part and full-year Skraptacular curriculum include Muscota New School, P.S. 178, P.S. 187, P.S. 98 and Hamilton Heights Academy. Skraptacular programs include:

  • Professional Development
  • Assembly/Performance
  • Skrap Eco-Fest
  • Skraptaculinks 100 Days of School Project
  • 4 R’s “How-To’s” and Persuasive Letter Writing
  • Culminating Eco-Exhibition

To learn more about Skraptacular In-School and After-School Programs contact: info@skraptacular.org